Tiago Prado Brz's Podcast: Imigrante Rico #28 | Tony Ngo

This is the first English episode of Imigrante Rico Podcast (Wealth Immigrant Podcast), and the English pilot episode is with Tony Ngo.

Tony Ngo, is an entrepreneur in real estate.  He builds the company Lofty Homes in the US.

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Tony is born in the United States, the son of immigrants from Vietnam, his parents came to America in the late 70s. 

Tony since his childhood worked in a convenience store that belonged to his parents, the oldest child of 5 younger siblings. They were inferior, so they mostly lived on food stomps. His parents owned repair shops. He used to work behind the counter when his 9 years old and when he was 15, he became the manager of his father's convenience store, opening very early in the morning and closing late at night. 

In 2001 he worked at a gas station, and he got a book from a person, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. His “uncle” Gil, his father's business partner teaches him how to invest. 

By 2001 he learned about a multi-marketing business with David Johnson and brought Tony inside to learn how to work on that, and he took a leap to learn about it and how to make money. David was the person that gave him the book. 

Then when he moved from the real estate business, he opened Lofty Homes with his cousin Andre, back in 2018, which is a business that sells construction materials, they also have an office in Vietnam and America. And in 2019 they started the Lofty Construction Company. 


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