Figuring Out Kitchen Cabinets
One of the most crucial spaces in a home is the kitchen.

One of the most crucial spaces in a home is the kitchen. You can have many decisions to design or renovate a new one based on your style, budget, and functionality. Let us help you to select the fit cabinets for your space.

Searching your Style

The cool part of the setting is the door style and cabinet finishes. We combine them to the tone and style of your kitchen in the must. If you look for a traditional look, we have a cabinet door featured ornate molding to emphasize the details of the door as our Casselberry, York, or Torrance. On the other hand, the Shaker and Altitude have a modern and clean-lined appearance that makes your kitchen look bright and stylish. Finally, your desire is our service, so you can search every design style in our website.


All kitchens have cabinets. But you may find some cabinets which don't always provide the kind of effectiveness and strategic storage. Based on your budget and purposes of use, we can decide how to organize and stock cabinets. For instance, if you were a Master Chef, you would have plenty of intelligent, ultimate, and flexible drawers, base and wall cabinets in the kitchen. When starting the layout design process, it's crucial to take stock of all items and install accessories within cabinets that you want to display.

Framed vs. Frameless

A framed cabinet is American style, more common, and has more options in size. The doors are attached to the frame. Face frames allow for easier installation and door/ drawer adjustment. European cabinet manufacturers build cabinets using frameless construction. This style offers a sleeker and modern appearance but fewer options in size. Otherwise, a frameless cabinet offers a larger drawer box capacity, full access inside the cabinet.

Let’s make the kitchen together!

We create 2D and 3D kitchen layout designs to show you the details and the overall look. We do free the consultation, measuring, and make your kitchen dreams become a reality. Call (617) 681-0862 or email us: to schedule your appointment.

Mastering the Art of Cabinet Selection: Lofty Homes' Advice for a Stellar Kitchen Renovation
A kitchen renovation can breathe new life into your home, but selecting the right cabinets is crucial to its success.