Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring The Best Option For Your Home?
Affordable, easily operated, and durable, luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials nowadays.

Affordable, easily operated, and durable, luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials nowadays. Consequently, some advantages of them bring surprising experiences to your lovely home.


You would love hardwood flooring because of its beauty and longevity, but one thing maybe make you hesitate and change your budget is the cost. Luxury vinyl plank is much more cost-efficient. It has factory direct pricing from us as well, so you can get the same benefits of hardwood flooring. It is a better option for those who need to cover a large square room and save money for other stuff. Moreover, this product is DIY (Do it yourself) – cutting down on the costs of hiring workers for installation.

Easy Installation

As we have mentioned above, luxury vinyl flooring is easy to install. There is no need for using complicated equipment, expensive tools, or have handy master skills to lay the perfect floor down. A vinyl plank features a click-lock system which means that the edges of the planks have more grooves and edges that interlock in place together. Hence, it is simple to snap the planks together without nails or glue to hold them.


Unlike hardwood flooring, we have a giant collection of luxury vinyl flooring styles, colors, sizes, and textures that allow you to choose and create the floor for your desire. Luxury vinyl flooring is not a block of wood or even a vinyl type – It is something between them. Therefore, it's eco-friendly, modern, beautiful patterns and brings your house to a new level of living.


One of the best features of vinyl plank flooring is water-resistant. You don't have to worry about the sticky dirt or any types of liquids on the floor. All you have to do is to wipe and release the stress of warping or swelling of flooring. In the other hand, you should limit the use of a steam cleaner on it.

Great duration

If you have a big party in the house, everyone gathers around – kids play and dance to the music on the radio – dogs and cats run back and forth. You may thank that we have chosen luxury vinyl flooring that can stand whatever we do because it is scratch-free, impact-resistant, and pet-proof. Don't hesitate because Lofty Homes SPC flooring is here to help.

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