Kitchen Tips – Keep a Clean and Cool Kitchen
The living room is The Face, so The Heart is the kitchen.

The living room is The Face, so The Heart is the kitchen. The kitchen is a place that you all get together, eat, laugh, and here comes the mess. Thus, we can easily keep it clean and shiny with simple steps here.

Start with the Refrigerator

Before you go happy shopping, we need to look at the fridge and clear some space for all the groceries. While you check out the expiration date of products, make sure to clean the surfaces of all the drawers and shelves to prevent contamination.

Kitchen – keep it minimal

Although you haven't started cooking yet, you can feel the mess is on while you see a lot of stuff on the counters. You can put away unnecessary things, so you have so much more room for preparation work. If you start with an organized and clean slate, you'll be more motivated to keep it clean.

Clean as you go

With all the cooking and food prep, the messes will explode. Your kitchen can look like a disaster zone. To save you from that, clean before you go! Wipe down countertops often so grime doesn't build up. The dishes are getting clean in the sink full of soapy water as you cook. Then start to clean and put them dry in other places. By doing this, you get all the messes out in a quick way.

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